Just Keep Writing: Really Rough Drafts

First, an Update! I just finished the second draft of my middle grade fantasy novel! I started the novel two winters ago, so it was my goal to finish the rewrite this month. Because I’m off work right now as a teacher, I was able to pull it off. And honestly, this draft is rough.Continue reading “Just Keep Writing: Really Rough Drafts”

Just Keep Writing: How to Keep Writing Through Self-Doubt

I’m having one of those self-doubt days where I look at my writing and wonder what I’ve been doing with my life. So today I’m writing to show solidarity with all of you self-doubting writers to encourage you (and myself) to keep writing.

What Makes Frodo a Great Hero?

Frodo Baggins is one of the most iconic and beloved heroes in literature. But what actually makes him such a great hero? Why do we love him? If you compare Frodo to his uncle, Bilbo had many more skills worthy of a hero. He was intelligent, able to think and talk himself and his companionsContinue reading “What Makes Frodo a Great Hero?”

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