Writing Women: Physical Descriptions

Literature has the power to harm or help the way women are viewed. In the past, women were poorly represented, particularly in literature by men. However, now that women are more likely to be protagonists, there are still some stereotypes and descriptions that I find harmful.

Just Keep Writing: Everything is Derivative

“Just Keep Writing” is a series of pep talks I’m writing for myself in hopes that it will help you as well. I just learned from The Myths and Legends podcast that Shakespeare’s Hamlet was derived from a traditional story called Amleth (listen to story here). That’s right. Shakespeare moved the H, changed a fewContinue reading “Just Keep Writing: Everything is Derivative”

Just Keep Writing: How to Keep Writing Through Self-Doubt

I’m having one of those self-doubt days where I look at my writing and wonder what I’ve been doing with my life. So today I’m writing to show solidarity with all of you self-doubting writers to encourage you (and myself) to keep writing.

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