The Wingfeather Tales: A Review for Readers

If you don’t know, I joined the launch team for The Wingfeather Tales, which released in March. I’ve written reviews elsewhere, but I wanted to write a more detailed one here. The Wingfeather Tales is a collaborative collection from the world of Aerwiar where The Wingfeather Saga takes place. If you haven’t read The WingfeatherContinue reading “The Wingfeather Tales: A Review for Readers”

The Wingfeather Saga: A Review for Readers

*This post has been corrected. In the original post, I defined these books YA, but they are actually categorized as MG. When I picked up this series, I knew only that I loved Andrew Peterson’s music and that he had written children’s books that had stunning covers. I expected to read an exciting tale withContinue reading “The Wingfeather Saga: A Review for Readers”

Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather Tales: Preorder to Join a Free Webinar!

Dear Fantasy Fans, I’m on the launch team for Andrew Peterson’s collection of stories from his bestselling Wingfeather Saga!* I absolutely love these books and highly recommend them if you are grew up reading The Chronicles of Narnia and are looking for something that will make you feel like a kid discovering fantasy again. Or,Continue reading “Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather Tales: Preorder to Join a Free Webinar!”

What Makes Frodo a Great Hero?

Frodo Baggins is one of the most iconic and beloved heroes in literature. But what actually makes him such a great hero? Why do we love him? If you compare Frodo to his uncle, Bilbo had many more skills worthy of a hero. He was intelligent, able to think and talk himself and his companionsContinue reading “What Makes Frodo a Great Hero?”

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