About Me

I have always been a geek for stories. I was the girl who played The Lord of the Rings in my backyard and collected all of the action figures. I’m still that girl, only now I play D&D and create stories on the page.

It wasn’t until I was older that I really understood why these stories mattered to me. It was through these stories that I learned about bravery and justice and redemption. They didn’t make my life seem boring–they helped me see my life in a new way.

So, after setting aside fantasy during college and graduate school, I rediscovered this world to write my master’s thesis. This became my first novel, Son of Moss and Mountain, which I am now seeking to publish while I work on my new novel.

In the meantime, I teach first-year college students how to write essays. I live with my husband on a small farm where I try to make my tiny world a better place through gardening.

I also write about my faith and overcoming anxiety on my blog, Little Did She Know.

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